SENIOR TOUCH: Entries now open for 2018/2019


Registration is now open for Senior Touch teams wishing to play in the TA Sports Touch Module 2018/2019.

The module will run 18th October 2018 – 20th December 2018, Christmas Break and restart 24th January 2019 with finals on 21st February 2019.

Teams must be registered by Friday 14th September 2018. Register your teams at the following link:

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We are limited to 32 senior teams so get your registration in early to guarantee you place.

There will be 3 weeks of grading games and ten teams will be divided into 5 divisions relevant to ability and results.

The cost per team for the module is $350.00. Senior Teams payment needs to be paid in full by Thursday 1st December 2018 8pm, teams that fail to do so may be withdrawn from the module at the committee’s discretion.

We are limited to 32 teams for seniors. If too many entries are received, first teams in and paid up that provide a referee will get preference.

Teams must register at least six players and may register up to 14 players (Adults.  All team members must be registered on an official form.  Any personnel changes during the season must be cleared with the organisers. The mixed rule is not enforced at this module for seniors.

As a minimum, all teams must wear tops of a similar colour.

Shoes must be worn. No spikes, screw in metal studs, or cleats.

All Senior teams must nominate at least one team member as a referee. All experienced teams should nominate more. Failure to perform refereeing duties when requested may result in forfeiture of points