BIG QUARTER: Van den Einden looked at home in Shooting Circle


Gutsy Performance by TAS Ecolab who gained the win over HMC Fusion 41-29 but it was not a true indication of how intense the game actually was. Having beaten HMC Fusion in the previous Promotion Relegation Round 51-22, HMC have had some new additions to their team which have boosted the quality of their recent performances.

Their new GS was very difficult to stop in the Shooting Circle as she was not only taller than the TAS Ecolab defenders but very good at holding her space. TAS Ecolab were also down 5 of their regular starters coming into this game, due to work commitments, injuries and other reasons.

Because most of these players were starters in the attack end, it was a difficult week for Coach Hyrum Sunnex to come up with a strategy at training and prepare for Week four of the Competition Round.

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He decided to trial his Captain Brittany Van den einden who plays GK/GD positions into GS at training because of her height and ability to rebound. This worked out perfectly as Van den einden looked at home in the Goal Shooting Circle, providing space and options for her Feeders to provide her the ball.

Van den einden shot very well considering she has never played shooter before in a match, but one important factor was that she rebounded 95% of her missed shots and put them back in.

The game was very intense throughout the game, as TAS Ecolab also had to call on the services of their Reserve Team TAS Crowe Horwath to fill in some spots in their team even though these additional players namely Angela Wells, Nikita Mullar & Alyssa Upston had already played full games earlier in the day. They played very well with all 3 of them getting lots of game time and providing lots of value and gains throughout the game.

After the first quarter TAS Ecolab were only up by 3 and this continued up until the beginning of the 4th quarter where TAS Ecolab were only up by 1. Coach Hyrum Sunnex had some stern words for his team at the final break time and asked them to “Play as a Team, your all playing as individuals, netball is a team sport, lets have fun, and not get caught up with issues like bad calls or the opposition getting away with things. We need to adjust and play our game”.

TAS Ecolab then played some outstanding netball as a team, winning by 12 in the final quarter.