BIG WIN: Bryant Twins show their class on court with great defence


TAS Ecolab commenced their Championship Round against Newly Promoted Fourz Titans with a great display of moving the ball through court and pressure defense winning 41-17. The quality of the turnovers through the mid court were led from Identical Twin Sisters Kate & Sarah Bryant.

Both were born and raised in Te Awamutu Community but have been studying abroad in New Plymouth and Wanganui for the past 4 years in the Agriculture Sector and have decided to come back to their hometown to setup their Farming Business.

Both sisters were outstanding through court, picking off intercepts at the perfect time and working hard with their hands over pressure. Sarah finished with 11 Intercepts in the game with 7 Tips, Kate finished with 8 Intercepts with 6 Tips. Both sisters are very determined athletes and have a national background in Martial Arts.

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It will be great to see how these combinations continue throughout the rest of the season.